Create and Manage Active Directory in Microsoft Azure

We have discussed in the previous post about overview of Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Let’s see how to create Active Directory in the Azure portal.

As of now there are two portals available with Microsoft Azure:
  1.      .  Microsoft Azure Classic Portal
  2.        Microsoft Azure Preview Portal

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Main Topics:
  1. How to Create Directory in Azure Portal 
We can create or manage Active Directory in Microsoft Azure in Classic Portal. It is important to remember that Azure AD is a multi-tenant service and whenever we create a new Azure subscription, we get an Azure AD instance by default.

Note: Azure AD is not a replacement of Windows Directory; we can synchronize on-premise Azure Directory with Azure AD with “Azure AD Connect” and on premise identities can be used in Cloud too. If organization has ADFS infrastructure in place then it can be utilized as well. In such scenario, users can be authenticated against on-premise Active Directory.

For Cloud and Internal Application, Azure AD can be used for authentication.

We can create a new directory or we can use existing directory as well. To add an existing directory, we need to have global admin rights for it before associating it in Microsoft Azure.

To create a Directory in Azure, follow the below steps

Add Directory in Microsoft Azure Management Portal

Add Existing Directory in Microsoft Azure Management Portal

Is there any DNS name given to Directory created in Azure AD? Answer is Yes. By default it will be <directory_name>
User Name will be <user_name>@<directory_name>

Is it possible to associate our own domain name with Azure Directory? Answer is Yes.

We can assign custom domain owned by us to the Azure Active Directory. SO in this case it can be <directory_name>.com and not <directory_name>

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