Introduction to Agile Scrum in 2 Minutes

Scrum: Agile Development Practices (Agile Methodology)
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·         Product
o   Feature Requests are also known as User Stories (Stress on End user perspective)
§  Collection of all user stories are known as Product Backlog
·         Once product backlog is ready, we need to finalize User stories that needs to be included in current release cycle
o   These finalized user stories for release are known as Release Backlog

Agile Scrum
·         Prioritize the user stories
o   Estimate the amount of work needed in the each item
o   Break large user stories into small user stories
o   How to estimate
§  Point System
·         Relatively decide the complexity of all user stories
·         The issue with this method is, it is difficult to predict when things will be completed
§  Estimate in Hours (Divide Months into Days and Days into Hours further for complicated User Stories)
·         Day [Create Buckets]
o   1 hour
o   2 hour
o   3 hour
o   5 Hour
o   8 Hour
·         Days [Create Buckets]
o   1 day
o   2 day
o   3 day
o   5 day
o   8 day
·         Months [Create Buckets]
o   1 month
o   2 month
o   3 month
o   5 month
o   8 month
·         Sprint are short duration accomplishment in the context of implementation
o   Release backlog with priorities and estimates are divided in to sprints
o   Sprint can be of 2 days to 30 days
o   Shorter the release cycle, Shorter the Sprint Cycle
o   Objective is to convert User stories available in the sprint to Ship ready state
o   After completion of each sprint, product must be ship ready and tested properly
o   It has to be realistic
o   Monitor the progress of Sprint
§  Burn Down Chart
·         Team
o   Product Owner decides features that are required for the product.
o   Scrum Master is more like Project manager who oversee whether implementation is going on in effective manner, setup meetings and monitoring of overall work
o   Developers develop the product
o   Testers verify the product features implemented by developers
o   Users use the product
·         SCRUM Meeting
o   Daily Meeting
o   Duration is 15 Minutes
o   Stand Up Meeting
§  What I have done?
§  What are the Obstacles?
§  What I will do today?
·         Retrospective Meeting
o   What went RIGHT?
o   Area of Improvements

·         Objective – Continuous Improvements 

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