Comparison: CloudMunch vs CloudBees

Intended Usage DevOps Platform Java PaaS
Description DevOps Platform is a pre-integrated, automated application delivery platform It has components such as Engineering Workflow Management, Build Automation, Deployment Automation and Release Management (that supports continous delivery of quality software faster.)  Cloudbees, Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows you to build, run and manage Java Applications in the Cloud. 
Key FeaturesCode visualization
Polyglot - Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby support
Support for code analysis apps
Support for test automation frameworks
Engineering workflow
Build analytics, Build orchestration
Database schema upgrade tool
Dependency analysis
Deployment automation, DevOps orchestration
Infrastructure monitoring apps
Middleware control apps
Trace-ability from build to deployment
 Building on Infrastructure as a Service
Multiple IaaS provider support
Multi-data center and availability zone support
Hybrid public-private deployment with unified control
Custom topology and deployment configuration support available
Java runtime-agnostic, deep integration
Support for any JVM-based language and framework
User base Freelancers, Small Business Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business
17.CloudMunch and CloudBees

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