Fairies and TechnoBuddy: What is Cloud Computing

Fairy 1: What is it that you heard recently?
Fairy 2: Something called as Cloud Computing
Fairy 3: Ohh!!
Fairy 3: Are the humans going to write programs in flight or they are planning some sort of buildings on cloud to work?
Fairy 2: Not sure.
Fairy 1: The term tells that it has got to do something with the clouds.
TechnoBuddy: Hello Fairies
Fairies: Hello TechnoBuddy
What is Cloud Computing

TechnoBuddy: So today you all have some time to relax and enjoy or you are again discussing some Technical stuff?

Fairies: Yes.
Fairy 1: But now after hearing what she had to say, we are no more relaxed
Fairy 3: Infact, we are worried
TechnoBuddy: Oh is it!! What is it about?
Fairy 3: Cloud Computing
Fairy 2: I saw it in Google while I was searching about cloud images.
Fairy 1: TechnoBuddy, they are going to take away our clouds it seems or they will bring computers here :-(
TechnoBuddy: No Dear Fairies, they are not going to do anything like that. It is a new buzz word in the world of computers.
Fairies: How can we know what is Cloud Computing?
TechnoBuddy: The Best starting point is search definition of Cloud Computing from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
TechnoBuddy: Let me tell you what is Cloud computing, Cloud Service Models, Cloud Deployment Models, The characteristics and benefits of cloud computing. Challenges associated to Cloud Computing
TechnoBuddy: Let's take a simple example of Electricity. We neither care how electric power is generated. How is this possible? Because electricity is virtualized; which means it is readily made available by Government or Private sector
TechnoBuddy: The same concept can be applied to information technologies means delivering useful functions while hiding how the internals work. It is nothing new if we all are aware about Object oriented concepts such as Reusability, Abstraction, etc.
TechnoBuddy: Cloud Computing allows access to large amount of pooled computing power in a virtualized environment. It is accessed by standard Internet protocols and networking standards. Maximum utilization of resources at less cost with available opportunities for innovation with resources are main objectives. It is a paradigm shift in true sense. It makes utility computing possible with pay-as-you-go model, infinitely scalable, universally available resources.
Fairies: Oh wow!
TechnoBuddy: In addition to computing and storage, Cloud Computing providers wide range of services such as database, big data, notifications, email, backup services, orchestration and automation services. In simple words, cloud is based on two essential concepts Abstraction and Virtualization.
Fairies: Ok! So we don't have any threats on real clouds he he :-)
TechnoBuddy: Yes, my dear Fairies. Cloud Computing abstracts the details of the implementation from consumers. Data is stored in distributed locations that are unknown and replicated for availability purpose; Applications run on physical systems that are not specified, administration of systems is outsourced to Cloud service providers. Basically, Cloud service providers virtualizes systems by pooling and sharing resources. We can consider this as a new model for presenting resources for hosting applications.