Exam Ref 70-533-What is Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a bunch of cloud services offered by Microsoft to build and operate cloud-based applications and IT infrastructure. Earlier it was known as Windows Azure. Microsoft Azure provides Iaas and PaaS offerings. We can subscribe to Microsoft Azure services as an individual or as an organization. 
7.What is Microsoft Azure
For example, I can have an individual subscription or Organization can purchase subscription and users of the organization can utilize the subscription based on the access rights made available to them.

So, what Microsoft Azure provides?  What can you do or achieve with the use of it?

1.       Virtual Machines: We can host Virtual Machines (Infrastructure as a Service) to configure them and control
2.       App Services: It is flexible and easy to host Web applications on Azure App Services
3.       SQL Databases: No need to install and configure database manually in traditional manner as “SQL Databases” can serve your purpose
4.       Azure Active Directory: Create and manage users as well as groups using Active Directory offering. It can be synced to on premise active directory as well
5.       Storage Accounts: Utilize Blob, Files, Queues, and Tables services for Storage

Not all Microsoft Azure services are available from each region. To verify list of services available from specific regions, visit https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/regions/#services

Exam Ref 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 

In the next Article we will discuss about Overview of Microsoft Azure Management Portal

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