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In previous article we discussed about Introduction to Agile Scrum in 2 Minutes

Visual Studio Team Services-VSTS is perfect complement to IDE but not IDE itself. It provides facility to share code, track work, and ship application– for any language. 

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Click on the Get started for free.
6.Visual Studio Team Services Pricing
Now You're on your way to managing projects with Visual Studio Team Services. Give site URL and click on Start a Project.
6.Visual Studio Team Services-Create your Site

Congratulations!! Your First Project is created in VSTS.
6.Visual Studio Team Services-First Project
Verify the Dashboard of VSTS.
6.Visual Studio Team Services-Dashboard
Enjoy Visual Studio Team Services FREE

Free Agile Scrum Cheat Sheet & Handbook:

The Essential Scrum Cheat SheetFree Cheat Sheet:Agile AdoptionFree Scrum Master's Handbook

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