Add administrative rights in the Microsoft Azure

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Let's say there is an urgent need to provide administrative rights to some other users for Azure subscription then how to do it?

Navigate to Microsoft Azure Preview Portal and click on Subscriptions on the Left side bar.

14.4 Microsoft Azure-Subscriptions
Verify list of Subscriptions associated with the account.

Click on the Subscription in which you want to provide administrative rights to some users and click on the Access icon

14.2 Microsoft Azure-Subscriptions Users
 It will open Users blade where all users with assigned role are listed. Click on the Roles icon
14.3 Microsoft Azure-Subscriptions Users Roles
Click on the Owner role that will open another blade. Click on Add that will open Add Users blade. Select users to provide access and click on Select.

14.4 Microsoft Azure-Subscriptions Add Users
Verify whether users have been added to the list of Owners or not.

14.5 Microsoft Azure-Subscriptions-Rights
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