How to get full screen ubuntu in Virtual Box

We all know Virtual Box which allow us to create virtual machines, using our under lying OS. We have used Virtual Box for different reasons,  may be for testing OS, maintaining different OS at one place etc... Making virtual machine is simple in Virtual Box, once ready when we boot the VM [ Virtual Machine ] for first time we see a small host screen and we cannot resize the same. For this post we have installed Ubuntu in Virtual Box. For the rest of post host os means Ubuntu VM we created in Virtual box. Following screenshot shows what we see when we run the host os for first time.

Virutal Box - Guest OS Ubuntu Small Screen

For beginner or first time user it seems a strange problem, The question arise is as how to make host os to run as full screen  or resize the virtual screen. To achieve the full screen, Click on Devices Menu -> Insert Guest Additions CD Image option. It will mount the image in CD/DVD drive of host os.

Virutal Box - Guest OS Insert Guest Additions CD Image

On host os click on run button as seen in following screenshot.

Auto Mounting and running the CD

It will install the required tools i.e Guest Additions.

Virutal Box - Guest OS - Installing Tools

 Restart the VM and it will run in full screen mode and we can change resize the same.

Virutal Box - Guest OS Full Screen Ubuntu

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