How to Run and Configure CloudAnalyst

A CloudSim-based Visual Modelling tool for Analysing Cloud Computing Simulation Environments and Applications.

The biggest challenge is to evaluate performance and service of Cloud services. CloudAnalyst can be used for evaluation and modeling of Cloud environments
and applications. It helps to simulate Cloud applications to analyze its behavior. It also provides insight into how to balance /distribute application load in cloud infrastructure resources

CloudAnalyst is built on top of CloudSim; It allows configuration of application workloads such as number of resources in each data center, geographic location of data centers, number of users, etc. It provides information such as request processing time, response time metrics etc.

1. Download installer package from

2. Extract Files from the compressed  package file which will give following folder structure
52.1 CloudAnalyst Folder Structure

If you want to Run CloudAnalyst from Command line then go to specified folder where you have extracted and issue command as available in the screenshot.
52.2 CloudAnalyst Command Line

Run from Command Line Or click on run.bat file

52.3 CloudAnalyst Dashboard
Click on Show Region Boundaries:

52.4 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Regions
Click on Configure Simulation 
52.5 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Configure SImulation
Configure Simulation

Here you can configure different aspects such as Data Center Configuration, Physical Hardware Details of Data center
52.6 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Datacenter Configuration

You will get detailed configuration of a data center as available in below screenshot:
52.7 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Datacenter Configuration in Detail
We can also perform Data Center Configurations in the lower section.

52.8 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Datacenter Configuration Edit

52.9 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Datacenter Configuration Edit
Data Center Configuration-Advanced

52.10 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Datacenter Advanced Configuration
Advanced Configurations

User Base: models a group of users and generates traffic representing the users. Application Deployment Configurations (Cloudlets)

o Service Broker Policy
52.10 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Service Broker Policy

Service Broker Configurations 

52.12 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Service Broker Configuration

Main Configurations. We can Save Configuration as well in case you want to use it later. It is stored as .sim file. XML data is generated and saved as Sim file.

52.13 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Service Broker Configuration xml

Save Configurations. Saved configuration can be loaded anytime easily into it.

52.14 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Service Broker Configuration xml

Load Configurations - enter data each time you want to run simulation. 

In this article, I have created 2 DC in different region, each with 20 physical host.

52.15 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Datacenter Configuration Region wise

Configurations - Data Centers in different Regions

52.16 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Datacenter Configuration Region wise Edit

Configurations - Round Robin Load Balancing Policy

6 User bases and each in different region; 25 VMs are allocated to fulfill requests from all user bases from both the Data Center
52.17 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Datacenter Configuration 6 User bases and each in different region

Configurations - User Base and Regions. Once your are done with Configuration; click on Done.

52.18 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Internet Characteristics
Configurations - Internet Characteristics Click on Done.
52.19 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Internet Characteristics Internet Characteristics
Configure Internet Characteristics

 Run Simulation

Simulation Results Window will Open

52.21 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Simulation Results All Stats

Simulation Results.

Close it. Main Window will give all statistics.
52.20 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Simulation Results
If you will try to run Simulation again then it will give Error
52.22 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Simulation Error

Simulation Error - We need to Restart Simulation Error.

52.23 CloudAnalyst Dashboard Restart Simulation Error

Click on Exit

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