Knife-azure to create VM on Microsoft Azure

In the last article, we discussed about Creating Cookbook

In this post we will create Virtual machine by using knife-azure command:

--azure-publish-settings-file Path to publishsettingsfile
--azure-service-location Location at which new virtual machine needs to be created
--azure-source-image Image ID for Source Window Image
--winrm-user - Username for Windows Virtual Machine
--winrm-password Password for Windows Virtual Machine

Execute following command to create a Windows VM on Microsoft Azure.

[root@unknown000c293f635e cookbooks]# knife azure server create --azure-dns-name 'msdemochef' --azure-vm-name 'msserver01' --azure-vm-size 'Small' --azure-storage-account 'dtcloud' --bootstrap-protocol 'cloud-api' --azure-source-image '' --azure-service-location 'East US' --winrm-user azureuser --winrm-password 'myPassword123' --tcp-endpoints 80,3389 --r 'recipe[webserver]'

Observer different state of VM on Terminal
49.1 chef knife-azure vm state

49.2 chef knife-azure vm state2

Execution of knife command completed successfully.
Verify Azure Dashboard
49.3 Microsoft Azure Dashboard

 Verify extensions: Chef Service Enabled.
49.4 Microsoft Azure Dashboard-Chef extension

 Verify Cloud Services on Microsoft Azure Portal and Note URL. We will use it to verify whether IIS Server and Web page is working properly or not.
49.5 Microsoft Azure Dashboard-cloud services

 Verify Storage
49.6 Microsoft Azure Dashboard-storage

 Use noted URL from Cloud Services.
49.7 Microsoft Azure Dashboard-web application

 Let’s verify Hosted Chef Dashboard. Verify newly created/ bootstrapped node is available in the Nodes section. Verify Run list.
49.8 Hosted Chef Dashboard

 Verify Attributes on the Attributes Tab.
49.9 Hosted Chef Dashboard-Attributes

 Verify Reports
49.10 Hosted Chef Dashboard-Reports

 Connect to newly provisioned VM on Windows Azure with RDP using its DNS Name

 Verify the dashboard.
49.11 RDP Microsoft Azure

 Right click on the Windows icon and select run.
49.12 RDP Microsoft Azure-Server Manager

Open command prompt.
49.14 RDP Microsoft Azure-Run

 Verify Chef client version

49.15 RDP Microsoft Azure-Chef Version


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