Manage Microsoft Azure Subscriptions

In The previous article we discussed about Overview of Microsoft Azure Management Portal

Let’s understand how to manage Azure subscriptions in the Azure Classic Portal.
To manage your Azure subscriptions, navigate to
There is another way too.
Go to "Azure Classic Portal" and click on User Account Email and click on View Bill. It will open a page with all available subscriptions associated with the account.
Click on the subscription link to view all the subscription.
Click on the Specific subscription and it will open a page for Summary for <Subscription Name>.
Here we can see Overview of Bill
9.Microsoft Azure-Summary of Subscription-Billing_

Billing History
9.1.MIcrosoft Azure-Summary of Subscription-Billing

We can also Download usage details, Contact Microsoft Support, Edit subscription details, Change subscription address, Partner Information, Transfer Subscription, and Cancel Subscription from the same page.

Subscription Page in Azure Preview  Portal looks like below:
9.2.Microsoft Azure Preview Portal Subscription
In the next Article we will discuss about Why to use Azure PowerShell?

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