Overview of Microsoft Azure Management Portal

Microsoft Azure provides web interface or portal to provision, navigate, manage, and de-provision variety of service offerings in PaaS or IaaS category.
URL for New Azure Portal: https://manage.windowsazure.com
8.Microsoft Azure Preview Portal
URL for Old Azure Portal: https://portal.azure.com/ 

We can use it with Organization account or Microsoft Account (Outlook or Live ID). One or more subscription can be associated with the account. In Azure portal, we can create new services as well as configure different services and provide access management too.
Not all the service offerings can be configured with the use of New portal. E.g. Azure Active Directory is managed via Old Portal. New portal is created considering Resource Management / Resource Groups so recourses can be managed in a proper way with access rights for providing better flexibility and security.
 If we observe closely, there is a start board in the New portal. It also has concept of Blades. Horizontal scrolling is available rather than vertical scaling. There is a Hub Menu also at the left side of the page in Azure New Portal.
We can use link "Azure Classic Portal" on start board to switch to Old Azure portal.
How to verify Bill?
Go to "Azure Classic Portal" and click on User Account Email and click on View Bill. It will open a page with all available subscriptions associated with the account.
subscriptions associated with the Microsoft Azure account
Click on the subscription to view Bill for specific Subscription.
8.1.Microsoft Azure Management Portal-View Bill.PN

Once you click on the subscription, it shows detailed bill data in below manner.
8.2.Microsoft Azure Management Portal-View Bill.PN
To verify Credit Status, Click on the Credit status box on the top bar in the old portal.
8.3.Microsoft Azure Management Portal-Credit Status

In the next Article we will discuss about Manage Microsoft Azure Subscriptions 

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