IT Manager’s Guide to Securing Cloud-Infographic

Cloud computing, whereby data can be accessed and managed externally from multiple devices, has become commonplace in the business world. A file which is uploaded from an office computer can be accessed from a laptop at home, or a smartphone or tablet while on the move. The convenience of this is a significant factor in the success of cloud computing, although many businesses have expressed concerns about its security. They fear that data can be accessed from an unauthorised source and also cite concerns over a lack of control over the location of the data.
Securing Your Cloud – Infographic

Of course, these worries are quite understandable, especially given the lengths that hackers could go to in order to access highly confidential data. However, with the implementation of simple and practical security tips, cloud storage becomes virtually impregnable. By using carefully considered passwords, auditing every device through which the cloud is likely to be accessed, using a multitude of reputable providers and carrying out a concise audit of all files on the cloud, you should be able to rest easy in the knowledge that you have done everything in your power to ensure the security of the data in your cloud. In the event that one or more devices with access to the cloud are lost or stolen, it is easy for you to wipe the data from the cloud so that it cannot be accessed by an unauthorised party. 

The infographic below from Exigent Networks provides a very useful and easily understandable beginner’s guide to managing the security of your cloud. It’s a great technology and, once managed properly, has benefits which far outweigh any potential security concerns.

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