Tutorial-Create and Add Amazon EBS Volume to EC2

In plain English, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is a Virtual Hard drive.  It provides persistent storage by maintaining HA-High availability and FT-Fault Tolerance.

We can multiple Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes to single instance but we can not attache single Amazon Elastic Block Store volume to more than one instance.

57.1 Amazon Elastic Block Store

In this tutorial, we will create Amazon Elastic Block Store(EBS) Volume, attach it to Amazon Instance.

Go to aws.amazon.com

56.1 Amazon Management Console

 Click on My Account, and select AWS Management Console from the drop down menu.
56.2 Amazon Management Console

 Sign in with AWS credentials.
56.3 Amazon Management Console Sign in

 AWS Management Console, Click on EC2 in Compute Section.
56.4 Amazon Management Console Services

Click on the Volumes Link as shown in below screenshot.
57.2 Amazon Ec2 Dashboard

Verify the state of an existing Volume. To create a new volume, click on Create Volume.
57.3 Amazon Ec2 Dashboard Creating Instance

It will open a small dialogue box where you need to enter following values:
57.4 Amazon Ec2 Dashboard Volume Available

General Purpose (SSD) volumes that has capability to burst to 3000 IOPS per volumewith baseline of 3 IOPS/GiB. It delivers up to 20000 IOPS
Size of the EBS volume (GiB)- 1 GiB to 1 TB
Number of I/O operations per second that the volume can support. .
Provisioned IOPS (SSD) volumes - up to 30 IOPS per GiB
General Purpose (SSD) volumes - under 1000 GiB, 3 IOPS per GiB with bursts up to 3000 IOPS.
General Purpose (SSD) volumes - above 1000 GiB, 3 per GiB up to 10000 IOPS
Availability Zone where we want to create the EBS volume. The volume can be attached to amazon instances in the same Availability Zone.
Snapshot for Backup and to create a new volume
Provide relevant values and click on Create. Verify the "Creating" state.

Wait till the state of newly created volume becomes "Available" in the AWS Management Console.

 Select the newly created volume and click on Action. Click on Attach Volume in AWS Management Console.
57.5 Amazon Elastic Block Store Attach Volume

 Select the Instance.
57.6 Amazon Elastic Block Store Attach Volume to Instance

Click on the Attach.
57.7 Amazon Elastic Block Store Attach Volume to Instance

Now, we have successfully attached a newly created volume to Amazon Instance.

Next question should be, how to dettach Volume from the EC2 instance?

Simple... Select the instance and click on Actions. Click on Detach Volume.

57.8 Amazon Elastic Block Store Detach Volume

It will open a dialogue box. Click on Yes Detach.
57.9 Amazon Elastic Block Store Detach Volume

Verify the Volume after couple of minutes. It will be in Available state.

How to take a snapshot of a Amazon Elastic Block Store(EBS) Volume?

Select a Volume and click on Actions. Click on Create Snapshot. Provide Name and Description and click on Create.
57.11 Amazon Elastic Block Store Creating Snapshot

It will give Notification of Snapshot creation. Click on Close. 
57.12 Amazon Elastic Block Store Volume Snapshot

Verify the status of newly created Snapshot.
Verify the Snapshot created in the Snapshot Section.


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