Tutorial-Create Hosted Chef Account

In this post we will go through Hosted Chef account creation process.

Open browser and Go to https://www.chef.io/ and click on Management Console or visit https://manage.chef.io/login

45.1 Hosted Chef

Click on Click here to get started!
45.2 Hosted Chef Sign in
Fill the form and get ready to automate infrastructure using Hosted Chef Server. Click on Get started.
45.3 Hosted Chef Register

Verify Email Address. Once Email verification is successful, it will ask for Password. Enter the password and click on Create User.
45.4 Hosted Chef Email Verification

It will ask you to create new organization. Click on "Create New Organization".
45.5 Welcome to Hosted Chef

Enter Full Name and Short Name in the Create Organization Dialogue Box
45.6 Hosted Chef Create Organization

Click on Download Starter Kit
45.7 Hosted Chef Dashboard

It will ask to confirm the download as Organization Key will be reset.
45.8 Hosted Chef Download starter kit

It will download zip file named - chef-starter.zip. Extract it and verify its content. It will have a chef-repo folder that contains three directories .chef, cookbooks, roles; and Files such as .gitignore and README.md

Go to .chef directory and you will find content of knife.rb similar to:

# See http://docs.chef.io/config_rb_knife.html for more information on knife configuration options

current_dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)

log_level                :info
log_location             STDOUT
node_name                "discovertechno"
client_key               "#{current_dir}/discovertechno.pem"
validation_client_name   "discovertechno-validator"
validation_key           "#{current_dir}/discovertechno-validator.pem"
chef_server_url          "https://api.chef.io/organizations/discovertechno"
cookbook_path            ["#{current_dir}/../cookbooks"]

Verify content of the other files and folders to get abstract view of it.

Go to Hosted Chef Dashboard and click on Groups, you will find four groups already available named, admins, billing-admins, clients, and users.

45.10 Hosted Chef Groups

 Click on Users and select the user discovertechno that we created at the time of creating the subscription.
45.9 Hosted Chef Users

Click on Nodes to verify whether any existing nodes are available or not. List will be empty.
45.11 Hosted Chef Nodes

Here. we have created and configure Hosted Chef,

In Next post, we will install Ruby RVM so we can use it to install Chef development Kit->Install and Configure Chef Workstation and Chef Development Kit

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