Tutorial: Microsoft Azure 70-533

We have started working on different topics related to Microsoft Azure and following are covered till now. We will add more and update here:Exam Ref 70-533-What is Microsoft Azure
  1. Overview of Microsoft Azure Management Portal
  2. Manage Microsoft Azure Subscriptions 
  3. Why to use Azure PowerShell?
  4. PowerShell Tips & Tricks-Print full exception/stacktrace in PowerShell?
  5. Microsoft Azure: Add-AzureAccount An Error occurred while sending the Request
  6. How to Change Background Color of Microsoft Azure Portal
  7. How to add administrative rights in the Microsoft Azure Preview Portal
  8. How to add a co-administrator in Microsoft Azure Management Portal
  9. Powershell Script to add Firewall Rule in SQL Server in Microsoft Azure
  10. Automation: Powershell Script to Import database in Microsoft Azure
  11. Automation: Powershell Script to create SQL Server in Microsoft Azure
  12. Automation: Powershell Script to Create WebJob in Microsoft Azure
  13. Automation: Powershell Script  to Create Web App in Microsoft Azure
  14. Automation: Powershell Script to Copy file from a local folder to an Azure blob storage container
  15. Automation: Powershell Script to Create storage account in Microsoft Azure
  16. Create hosted Chef account where we can manage some resources for free - Create new organization and Download starter kit to configure Chef-Workstation and Chef-Client
  17. Install ruby
  18. Prepare Chef Workstation - Install a Chef Client and Install Chef Development Kit
  19. Install Knife-azure Plugin
  20. Creating a Template
  21. Creating Cookbook 
  22. Execute knife-azure to create Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service

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