Create a VM on Microsoft Azure using Chef

Let's go through some of the basic details of Chef.

Chef, open source configuration management tool has three architectural components. The Chef Server or Hosted Chef, the Chef Workstation, and Chef Client (Node):

The Chef Server/Hosted Chef is central management console and there are two options for the Chef Server: a hosted Chef solution or an on-premises installation. We will be using a hosted solution to avoid installation of Chef server ion premise.
Create a Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure with Chef

The Chef Client (node) is the agent that sits on the servers you are managing.

The Chef Workstation is admin workstation where we create policies (Cookbooks and recipies) and execute management commands. We will run the “knife” command from the Chef Workstation to manage our infrastructure.

We will perform following steps to make Chef functional:

  1. Create hosted Chef account where we can manage some resources for free - Create new organization and Download starter kit to configure Chef-Workstation and Chef-Client
  2. Install ruby
  3. Prepare Chef Workstation - Install a Chef Client and Install Chef Development Kit
  4. Install Knife-azure Plugin
  5. Creating a Template
  6. Creating Cookbook 
  7. Execute knife-azure to create Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure

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