Video Tutorial-Install and Configure Tomcat

Here we have created a simple video of installation and configuration of Tomcat on Ubuntu. Before installing tomcat ensure that Java is installed on your machine. To check for Java installation, open terminal and execute java command. If Java is installed it will display the help else it will display command not found. Java can be downloaded from Once the Java is installed, download the apache tomcat from site. Select appropriate vereion, according to jdk / jre version of your system. If any confusion visit for selecting correct version of Apache tomcat. Following are simple steps :
  1. Download the Apache Tomcat Installation Files [ Zip / tar ].
  2. Set CATALINA_HOME and JAVA_HOME path in .bashrc file in Ubuntu home directory.
  3.  Run the Tomcat Server using script.
  4. Verify Tomcat Installation and Configuration in Browser.

Apache Tomcat

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