What is Cloud Testing

For today’s global enterprises, customer application development and testing represents a large part of IT’s time and expense.
Testing for every combination of platforms, devices, locations and network providers has become extremely complicated due to Multiple OS versions, hardware configurations and interface layers, Network performance across different geographies etc.
Organizations are facing challenges such as Limited Project level Business Agility, Lack of Enterprise Scalability and Visibility, Longer Feedback cycles, Lack of transparency, Lead time to acquire and provision resources, Difficulty in re-creating prior environments due to resource scarcity, Ineffective resource utilization and environment sprawl, Multiple redundant tools in multiple locations, and Predictability through contracts.
Cloud Testing

The ability to update, refresh or bring on line new applications quickly is critical to the competitive advantage of the organization.

Cloud Testing is a combo of agile practices, processes leveraging the benefits of cloud solutions. Agile development and testing methodology help to meet the goals of continuous integrate, develop, build, deploy, test and release software. It provides mechanism for constant feedback from different teams and stakeholders. It also provides transparency, predicts through time boxing, platform for collaboration across teams i.e. business analysts, developers and testers. It propagates the theory of Test Driven Development which is being adopted in a major way across organisations.
Testing solution in the cloud meets the needs of Automation, Self-provisioning, Secure communication with on-premise infrastructure, Billing/Usage – for chargeback, On-demand environment, Reusable environment configurations, Monitoring and Management of the resources. It is a platform for doing software development and testing in Public or Private Cloud.

Ensure minimal latency in the testing life cycle
Ensure high quality of applications by testing in diverse environments
Accelerated application time to market owing to dynamic availability of resources and environment
On-demand resources are available when you need them, using a self-service portal that works across clouds.
Accelerate Agile Development and Test Cycles through Scalable, On-demand Cloud Environments
Lower TCO due to effective utilization of resources

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