Why to use Azure PowerShell?

In The previous article we discussed about Manage Microsoft Azure Subscriptions

We have seen Azure Classic Portal and Azure Preview Portal that are Web Interface or GUI for creating resources and configuring it. Interesting thing here is, it is easy to use Azure with the use of GUI in the initial stage. Once we are used to Microsoft Azure and wants to use it more effectively than automation is always a better way to remove manual efforts. Azure powershell provides a scripting platform to manage Microsoft Azure resources.
E.g. we can use poweshell scripting with Azure cmdlets to create multiple virtual machines. We can also create powershell script to create multiple resources in different environments. 
10.Microsoft Azure Powershell

It is very easy and quick to create different resources for different environment without any or too much manual intervention.

We can install Azure PowerShell from WebPI and PowerShell Gallery. Download Azure Powershell from http://aka.ms/webpi-azps

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