Advantages and Challenges of Cloud Testing

Software testing is one of the most important phase in any software development. It is used to verify and validate the quality, correctness, and completeness of the software product. It is usually done by using the infrastructure available in the organization. But with the increasing technological complexity it is becoming a challenge due to high cost to stimulate it, it is even harder to build and maintain in house testing facilities.
Advantages of Cloud Testing

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Challenges in Cloud Testing

Challenges Category
Availability, Efficiency, Assurance
Layered Testing
Communication  between  Layers
Confidentiality and Integrity of data, Dependency on customer data, meeting regulatory requirements
Lack of universal standard and infrastructure
Standards exists in the market but maturity level is is still not convincing providers
Procuring cloud services based on demand basis
Define quantity and cost, Dependency on remote Installed applications, Increase in expenditure  on encrypted data

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