Scrum Sprint Retrospective Meeting


Retrospectives are the meetings of all stakeholders to know about what worked and what didn't. It is a part of every sprint and it helps to improve the Agile process. It is more about experience and how to use it to improve in coming sprints and decrease the errors.    
My Experiences:

I must admit it was a real pain initially. There were too many teams involved from different technologies and everyone was passionate about the problems they faced and how their work was impacted because of it. Though the issue was more with different kinds of permissions and not understanding the AGILE. We often complained about last minutes changes and adopting a traditional ways to communicate to keep track of permissions or mails so we remain safe and what not. It was far easier to discuss what worked, What didn't Work and What actions will be taken.

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However, it is also essential that all stakeholders including scrum master understands why we do Sprint Retrospective Meeting. We felt focus was missing and it was not done from the perspective of cross functional team. Rather higher level stakeholders took the charge and it didn't serve purpose up to the extent it should have.

What I feel:

Every Project is different and security and compliance issues also. It is tricky thing if whole meeting is hijacked by single team. Each team need to give their side in to limited time and respective stakeholders needs to decide action items. It is always better that all team mebers come up with bullet-ed points to discuss on impediments or on achievements. It makes an efficient use of Sprint Retrospective Meeting. Scrum Master must take charge in Sprint Retrospective Meeting and needs to drive it for better implementation in future. Again, communication and collaboration between Scrum Master, Business Analysts, Product Owner, and Cross functional teams plays an important part here.

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