Cloud Testing 101

Cloud testing or Testing as a Service includes functional and non functional testing of the applications. It can be used for verification and validations of various enterprise applications, infrastructure, and environment that are available on demand and owned by the organizations or individuals.

Cloud testing provides an end-to-end solution that transforms the way testing is performed and can help an organization to boost its competitiveness by increasing efficiency without negatively impacting mission-critical production applications. By leveraging a disruptive innovation such as cloud computing for testing, organizations can reduce resource provisioning time.

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It also refers to verification and validation of applications, infrastructure, and environments. It is defined as Testing as a service (TaaS) which is considered as a new business and service model. It can be used for the validations of the products and services which are based on cloud licensing model.
With the cloud based testing there is no need for organizations to find the servers, license for programs and testing tools and their installations. It provides testers to have access to scalable and ready to use virtual labs with a library of operating systems, middleware and storage, and test management and execution tools required for creating a test environment that resembles to real environment. It includes the security, availability, performance, disaster recovery, and interoperability.

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