Comparison between Conventional and Cloud Testing

Cloud computing solutions have proved extremely beneficial for large as well as small organizations. It has made innovation as a feasible aspect. With the advancement of cloud technology and testing as services, more research must be done to address the issues and challenges in cloud testing. Innovative testing techniques and solutions are needed to support on-demand testing services in a cloud infrastructure with keeping security in perspective.

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Conventional Testing
Cloud Testing
·         Assure the quality of system function and performance based on the given requirement in on premise environment
·         Check Usability, Operability, Compatibility
·         Assure quality of functions and performance of SaaS, Clouds, and applications by leveraging the cloud environment
·         Assure the quality of cloud elasticity & scalability based on SLA
Execution Process
·         Offline test execution
·         Testing a product before it’s delivery
·         On demand test execution in Public and Private Cloud deployment model
Testing Environment
·         A fixed and pre-configured test environment
·         An open public test environment with diverse computing resources
·         Scalable test environment
Time to set up test environment and configuration
·         Days
·         Minutes
·         Require hardware and software license cost
·         Pay as you go

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