Documentation in Agile Scrum


Non Documentation but still there is some need of documentation which is required to keep track. 

My Experiences:

In my experience, we did created a Reference Architecture document; There was no process document as such Design Specification and Test Specification and other stuff but we created "How to Guides" for different functions or automation stuff.

Honestly, I was not aware about this myth that Agile means no documentation so I personally did all documentation which I used to do in normal circumstances. Diagrams, references, steps and scripts all were documented properly for all activities. However I must admit that I came across this myth in one of the Daily Scrum where someone pointed out that No documentation in Agile. It is a MYTH.

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Though, I hardly remember anyone else working on the documentation but it was in initial period. Other kind of documentation such as Architecture Document and coding standard was done in Design phase only but after that phase it took a back seat. However, the moment application was in good shape, documentation was desired.

What I feel:

Documentation is a significant part of Agile but not the most important part for that matter. It has to be timely, accurate and to the point. No need of 1000 page documentation as it kills the purpose of Agile methodology.

For example, we create different kinds of scripts to automate infrastructure in the cloud environment. In such cases, it is important to maintain versions of scripts, keep documentation on how to execute that script and how it works. It is also important to document configuration and other setting required based on the environment. It always helps in future to get back to original configuration or in case of troubleshooting. It also helps in keeping track with the changes or enhancements in the different sprints.

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