Product Backlog in Agile Scrum


Product backlog is a list of features created by Product owner for the Development team to implement. Priorities are set in the Product backlog and it helps development team to implement them considering their importance. It takes place of requirement specification artifacts in the Agile methodology when we compare it to traditional methodology. Scope of the Project that may change or evolve. List of Epics and Stories owned by Product Owner.
My Experiences:

In my experience Product Backlog was created by Product owner in VSTS. Stories were organized and prioritized in VSTS. We had two teams so for Team 1 and Team 2 Sprint backlog was derived from Main Product Backlog.

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Each time in a Sprint meeting, prioritized stories were discussed based on the guidance from product owner and business analysts.

Let's consider a case of Student Management here for an example.

1) Create Student Account
2) Store Address Details of Each Student
3) Link Extra activities details with Student Profile
4) Selective Subject Preferences

From the list of tasks, Priorities are decided by the product owner and user stories can be created with detailed explanation in VSTS tool or any other tool used by an organization.

However, to give the credit where its due, product owner used to consult business analysts and cross functional teams also before setting final priorities. After that discussion we used to verify the priority and hence we not only improved communication but also collaboration effectively.

What I feel:

If product backlog is crystal clear with priorities then development team can take it up in a proper manner and Sprint backlogs are create with clarity and it results into a desired implementation in a right direction.

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