SMAC: Mobile Testing

The rapid increase of mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablets are  compelling test engineers to rethink testing strategies as they can’t apply same approach they follow for desktop applications or traditional applications.
The mobility landscape faces exclusive trials because of multiple device models, operating systems/platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows; carriers, mobile applications and so on for device manufacturers and application developers to develop, test engineers to test and organizations to launch new products.

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In order to ensure that mobile applications run efficiently on diverse platforms and across multitude of networks, an effective mobile test plan is indispensable. Mobile testing techniques must ensure that applications work accurately on all types of devices, supplied by major brands and across platforms. Also, with screen size changing constantly, usability and user experience testing is quite critical. Testing also ensures that mobile apps are secured from intruders and fraudsters.
The common techniques used for mobile testing:

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