SMAC: Testing and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new and disruptive paradigm that IT departments are embracing with lot of excitements to reap visible benefits of cost over the time, agility, efficiency, governance, innovative service capabilities, self-service experience and so on.
Cloud provides virtualized hardware and software resources that are hosted remotely in their data centers; and also provides suitable infrastructure for data-intensive computing. Considering Cloud benefits, application vendors are increasing their development services in the cloud. There are three service models and four deployment models as per NIST’s definition of Cloud Computing.

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Currently, organizations that test in non-cloud environments are challenged by rigorous deadlines, limited test budget, high costs per test, growing number of test cases, limitation of environment resources, and geographic distribution of end users.

Cloud testing is perhaps, the answer to such challenges by testing web based applications that use resources such as virtual hardware, software and infrastructure existing in the cloud.

The key cloud testing techniques are employed in the industry are:

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