SMAC Testing

As all applications now a day’s requires use of media, mobile, analytics, and cloud. So for testing the applications tester needs to individually test each of these four technologies. If an integrated technology is created as SMAC technology it will be much more efficient to test as compared to 
Test them individually. This results in resource optimization and cost saving for the organization which results in Increase in ROI. 

Two types of testing can be performed.
Common Testing
Customized Testing
Common testing will include testing of all the functionalities which are common to all these technology.

Customized testing: Testing which are specific to the technology. For example to test the cloud we need to test its latency, scalability for other technology it might not be important.

As per the requirements combination of custom and common testing methods can be employed. In addition to have SMAC Testing approaches, a framework is also required for SMAC testing.  

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The testing approach depends on four parameters Platform, Planning, people, Process. Success of SMAC testing depends on how resources are acquired. For this testing team can be divided in two sub team: one for common testing and one for custom testing.
Testing all the four technologies individually
Testing SMAC technology
In this testing all the four technologies will be tested individually. E.g. performance testing is done for each of the technology
In this all the four technologies can be covered into single testing approach.
Testing effort required will be more
Testing effort required will be less
This leads to effort duplication, schedule slippages, higher costs, test coverage will be limited to main functionalities
All the test scenarios can be covered in proper manner, test case no. reduces, cost reduces, Increases ROI

Advantages of SMAC Testing

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