Stories and Epics in Agile Scrum

In Simple English, we can consider User Story as description of a specific feature of an application which is being developed in Agile Scrum. It describes in details regarding who wants that feature, what they need and whey they need it. It is more of a simplified version of a requirement.

"Story- Low Level Business Function - Method
Epic-Business Function (Many Stories) - Module"

In other words, Epics consist of multiple stories. It is kind of a BIG story. Small stories are called user stories.
My Experiences:

User stories are actually description that describe an desired interaction of the user and the system or application; considering the value that user gains from the system or application. Following format is very common in case of use story template:

As a <Role>, I want <feature to be implemented> so that <reason: we can perform these actions>.

Use Story contains description of a task or feature that needs to be implemented. It contains detailed description as well as definition of done. In other words, we can say that it is simplified version of a requirement.

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Stories and Epics in Agile ScrumDefinition of Done in Agile Scrum

    "Story Example: Verify Student's Mobile Number
    Epic Example: Store Address of Student

    Business will think in terms of Epic that can be decomposed into small Stories


    AS A Student Registrar I NEED TO Capture Student Address SO THAT I can keep record of each student"

    As a user, I want to add posts on group wall so that I can share quotes, daily status, photos, and videos with others.

    As an Group administrator, I want to approve all posts before all members can see it so that no appropriate posts are featured on a group wall.

    What I feel:

    User stories with detailed description helps team to get more clarity and implement it in quick time with proper interpretation.

     -Store Stdent Details
     ---Store Student Name and Address
     ------Store Student Name
     ------Store Student's Address
    ----------Validate Zip Code
    ----------Validate City

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