Story Point Estimation in Agile Scrum


Story Point Estimation in Agile Scrum: How much effort it will take and how many hours will take? Total Team Effort not in Hours though. It is about RELATIVE size.
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My Experiences:

In the Story Conversation process, we decided which is the mid level complexity holding story. We considered it as our base and based on that we decided which other stories are less complex or more complex considering this specific story. Each team estimate it differently based on the context of the story, their involvement in the implementation, sprint duration, and capabilities of their team to execute it.

Estimate was based on Fibonacci Series - 1,2,3,5,8,13,21...
74. Story Point Estimation in Agile Scrum
Poker Game was played between all Onsite and Offshore team members. All used to give story points based on the base story we decided based on the complexity. After the First round, Members with Highest and smallest Story point needed to explain why they think that number is justified. Once they explain to all, second round takes place and after that Story point is decided based on Team Consensus. We also used to compare it with some story we worked in the past. For example, in Sprint 1 we worked on a story with 5 points which had lot of complexities. In each next estimation, there was a question raised if we used to give any story more than 5. Hence it is based on practical experience and it made our estimation near to perfection if not perfect. I remember one incident where we gave 21 points to one story and Scrum Master asked us: Is it going to take 4 times more effort and is it 4 times more complex then the Base story of 5 points? It is also possible that estimation comes in a way like this: Suppose base story will take 2 months to complete then is this the story which will take 8 months with all available resources? That's how we came close to reality.

What I feel:

It is confusing at first time, but later on all understand it and it is more about understanding story, capacity of the team and efforts considering team capacities. It is necessary to understand that this is about estimation and not promises.

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