SMAC: Testing and Analytics

In today’s fast paced competitive environment; It is becoming challenging to maintain long-term relationships with customers. Though it is the key aspect to increase wallet share and grow in market.
To know more about customer’s mindset, organizations are trying to gather responses from them and analyze the data received. Analytics is the weapon of high-quality for organizations as it helps them to get end to end view of customer and their buying patterns or behavioral patterns. The swift acceptance of social media, mobile, and web applications has resulted in an even advanced percentage of unstructured or BIG data being generated.

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There is an growing requirement within organizations to investigate and evaluate this BIG data explosion, across structured and unstructured data. Organizations need to have robust test offerings for big data, business intelligence, and data testing to validate structured and unstructured data in various databases and business intelligence analytics applications.
Diverse testing techniques such as functional and non-functional testing are essential for testing such applications. Usually used testing techniques for analytics platforms are usability testing, performance testing, and security testing. These testing techniques support to validate functional and non-functional requirements, identify coding and requirement related issues, and bottlenecks in performance.

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