Top 8 Cloud Testing Tools - 2016

Tools that are used to test the conventional applications need to be re-evaluated when applied to cloud based applications in order to consider the network analysis, application, and environment changes implied by the cloud deployment, interoperability of application towards the other platforms and infrastructures.
Besides these conventional tools there are various specific tools that are developed to test the cloud services and applications. Some of the tools are:

·         Selenium
·         SOASTA CloudTest
·         LoadStorm
·         BlazeMeter
·         Nessus
·         App Thwack
·         Jenkins Dev@Cloud
·         Xamarin test cloud
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1.4.1 Selenium
Selenium is one of the commonly used open source tool for testing. It enables to perform functional tests of the applications at selenium integrated development environment (IDE). It is used to test the web based applications over various browsers. It is used for functional, performance, and load testing. It provides browsing compatibility tests and various operating environments. It also provides the transformation of selenium  tests to various languages such as Java, Python, C# and so on. It consists of various components such as Selenium IDE, Selenium Client, Remote Control<Web Driver, Grid, and Client API.

1.4.2 Cloud Test
It is a testing developed by SOASTA. It was designed to have performance and reliability throughout the test. It is used to test web based and mobile applications. It can be deployed on single server, different physical server, and cloud servers. It is used to maximize the  scalability and flexibility provided by the cloud. It combines Ajax-based user interface and distributed web servers for test creation, execution, and test analysis. It is used for load testing, performance testing, web UI/Ajax testing, and functional testing.

1.4.3 Nessus
It is a widely used tool to detect the defects, mis-configuratons, and missing patches in various devices, virtualized systems, cloud infrastructure, firewalls and soon. It can be used to detect viruses, backdoors, and malwares in applications. It is used in banking and healthcare sectors to perform compliance auditing. It can generate reports and recommendations in various formats.

1.4.4 App Thwack
It is a cloud based stimulator which is used for testing iOS, web apps, Android on actual devices. It is compatible with automation platforms like Calabash, Robotium, UI Automation and several others. If there is a need to test through client other than the official site there is a REST API which enables it. It’s other features are support for multi platform, detailed test reports and customizable testing

1.4.5 CloudBees-Dev@Cloud

It is a tool which enables development, continuous deployment, and integration on the cloud. It supports development in many languages and deployment on various services. It provides mobile tools for development and connecting to existing systems via cloud. It has benefits of Cloud Foundry, AWS Elastic BeanStalk, Google App Engine.

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