Types of Cloud Testing

Types of Cloud Testing

There are various types of testing that should be carried out when working with a cloud environment.

Available Testing:

This testing is done too ensure that cloud services must be available at all the times. There should not be any abrupt downtimes. And in case if there is a downtime then the client’s business should not be affected by it.

Security Testing:

This testing is done to ensure that there is no data access for the unauthorized users. Data integrity should be maintained and secured at all times. Now a days various organizations are using the standards to define the acceptability criteria for cloud services to have security.

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Performance testing:

This type of testing is done to ensure the application performance when there is condtion of fluctuating usage. The performance of the application should remain intact with the maximum no. of requests. To have good performance the cloud should have elasticity which enables organizations to use limited  resources form the cloud and increase the usage as required.
There are two types of performance testing available:
·         Load Testing
·         Stress Testing 

Interoperability testing:

This type of testing is done to ensure that the application has the capability to be executed across various platforms. It should be easy to move the application and platforms from one infrastructure to another.

Disaster recovery testing:

This testing is done to check the time requires to recover it in case of any disaster. The time taken for recovery should be as low as possible. It is also ensured that applications should be available again with minimum adverse effects.

Multi-tenancy testing:

This testing is done to ensure the offerings when multiple  clients and organizations using the services On- demand. The services should be validated for each client in this testing. It should provide  data and configuration level security to avoid any access related issues. 

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