Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Review: What's New

Ubuntu 16.04 is sixth long term support release from canonical which will be supported for five years. Named as "Xenial Xerus" brings many changes and make Ubuntu more polished and more user friendly.

With new release, Unity is updated to 7.4 and do not have online search results, which created lot of questions on privacy when introduced years ago. Unity allows to move launcher to bottom of the screen. It is not available directly but can be done using terminal or using unity tweak tool.

Ubuntu16.04 LTS Changing the Unity to Bottom

A new calendar app i.e. Gnome calendar app is added in which can be used for displaying upcoming events, appointments etc...
Ubuntu16.04 LTS New Calendar App

Ubuntu software center is replaced with GNOME Software app. Those who have used fedora, knows software app it is there in fedora since long.

Ubuntu16.04 LTS  Software Center

 We can see microphone control in volume control, if the inbuilt microphone is available.

Ubuntu16.04 LTS Microphone in System tray

 On dash typing session will show options for Restart, Logout and Shut down.

Ubuntu16.04 LTS  Session option in dashboard

Format option is added on removable device, which let you format device when connected.

Ubuntu16.04 LTS Format option in ejectable device

 Menu visibility option is added to select how the menu will be displayed i.e. on hover or will always be displayed.
Ubuntu16.04 LTS  Menu visibility

Apart from deb packages Ubuntu comes with snaps, which can be installed like debs. Snaps are nothing but a self contained packages which not only have main application but all the dependencies clubbed together and is known as snaps. The good thing about snap is that they get installed in their own directory and will not mess with the rest system. 

It also comes with ZFS file system support which combines file system and logical volume manager,  Linux Kernel 4.4, OpenOffice 5, better file manager integration with unity launcher, much better support for themes. Empathy and Brasero are removed from default installation image.

Enjoy the new Ubuntu LTS version.

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