Where Websites Live - Biggest Data Centers

Is your website your whole livelihood, like it is for millions of people around the world? It is very important to be able to identify a reliable website host these days. The total number of websites worldwide is expected to reach 1 billion sometime in 2016. That is a huge number of websites, each with their own amount of data that needs to be stored and managed. With all sizes of businesses migrating to the cloud, more and more data needs website hosts to be maintained, which is producing the need for larger spaces. Enter the world’s largest data centers.
Biggest Data Centers in the World

Why are data centers so big? With the heavy demand for more space, data centers are now being built in campuses, with many large buildings that are able to hold the massive amount of server machinery and the complex cooling systems they require plus have enough room to grow. And with more and more companies building brand new websites every day, these data centers simply must have the space and power to hold and care for it all!

These data centers are expensive to build and maintain, and they can draw enough energy to power a mid-sized city. So when planning for them, data center developers are exploring new ways to use green energy to run their facilities, not only to reduce impact on the environment, but to lower the cost of running them. For example, Facebook, owns and maintains several data centers around the world. They chose to build one of its centers in Northern Sweden, at the edge of the Arctic Circle. This allows the data center to make use of hydroelectric generators for power as well as take advantage of the Arctic air for cooling.This location and the way it is used makes it one of the most energy-efficient data centers. “Cool,” right?

In the map above, we have identified the world’s largest data centers which are holding the globe’s website data as well as the budgets being used to build them. Also on our map, you can see that these centers have millions of square feet of space. In fact, data centers of this mass are being built so quickly that very soon, centers with less than one or even two million square feet will have possibly fallen off of our map. New centers being built today are making even the ones we listed seem very, very small.

There aren’t many people that think about where their websites live, although, as we can now see, we probably should.