What is Agile Scrum

System or Application evolves as per time. Things CHANGE and we need to adapt based on the changes. It is all about delivering desired outcome to customers by accommodating changes. Significant aspect of Agile is Team work and collaboration. It is no BIG BANG but it is an iterative / incremental approach. It is an umbrella term that includes many methodologies such as SCRUM, Extreme Programming, etc. It is more about approach while Scrum is an implementation. 
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Agile: Group of Software development methods in which requirements and solution evolve through collaboration between self organizing and cross functional team

Scrum: Iterative and Incremental agile Software development framework
Kanban: Manages knowledge work without overloading team

73.3 Agile Methodology

How it Works?

73.2 How Scrum Works

In case of Scrum, it is features focused and after each sprint, specific set of features are implemented and delivered to customer. 

Application is always delivered in a way where small chunks are delivered and that to based on priority. What it means? It means that critical features gets priority and can be implemented in Sprint 1 or 2 and thus we decide to provide customer what is require more rapidly and based on significance.

Free Agile Scrum Cheat Sheet & Handbook:

The Essential Scrum Cheat SheetFree Cheat Sheet:Agile AdoptionFree Scrum Master's Handbook

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