What is New: Jenkins 2

Jenkins 2 is going to be available for General Availability Today. BIG Day! What's New in Jenkins 2 at very First sight?
I already installed Jenkins 2 before some day and it was a Beta version and I was very much eagar to know when it will be available for GA. Finally, I got surprised when I saw tweets related to release of Jenkins 2 for GA.

Today is the Day.
Before creating a build job, there are some visible changes we can observe in the Jenkins 2 Dashboard when it comes to installation and configuration section. As I have used previous versions too, I am very happy to see those changes.

1) Change in the Installation Process; Jenkins 2 allows you to select Base plugins to install at the starting itself. We can install per-defined set of plugins or we can select plugins to install. 

I find this as a good move as not all users or beginners are aware about installing require plugins at first go. It is easy to figure out but it is commendable on part of Jenkins 2 team to come up with that feature to make things smooth.
2) Another change I found was in creating a New build Job. UI is far more attractive. It allows us to create Free Style Project, Pipeline, External Job, Multi Configuration Project, Folder, GitHub Organization and Multi Branch Pipeline.
3) Third change that was visible and expected was the way Global tools are configured. It is moved to different Menu Item in Jenkins configuration and it is named as "Global Tool Configuration". We can configure Maven Global Settings, Java, Ant, Maven, etc.
This change makes it very easy to manage tools related configuration. It was required to separate it from System Config in Jenkins Configuration.
However, I would have loved to get the Plugin installation feature where based on the Technology stack we can install all plugins in a Single click. If not all then standard plugins required for specific technology stack such as Java or .Net or PHP.

I am not sure whether this feature is available at this time or not. Let me know If I have missed it while exploring Jenkins 2 at a rapid pace.

Please remember, I only installed it and haven't created single Build Job yet. 

Happy Exploring Jenkins 2!

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