What is SMAC:Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud

Overview of SMAC

SMAC is an abbreviation for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. These are the four technologies on which business is based on now-a-days. They are different technologies but are inter-related with each other somewhere on day to day basis.
Social media which can be Facebook, Twitter and so on are mode of interactions, sharing of data such as news, videos, and images and so on. For this it requires elastic storage capability.

This storage is provided by Cloud. There can be small data or big-big data. Small data can be easily hosted locally but for big data a good storage medium is required which can be provided by cloud. These data can be leveraged for analytics. This can be further used for decision making and planning. It should be mobile enough that is available with the user at their fingertips.

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SMAC creates an environment or can also be referred to as ecosystem which allows social media to interact with the users in a better way. The analytics technology in SMAC allows the organization to analyze and understand the customers and to gather responses from them for improving their services and relationship. Cloud technology allows to access technology from any location at any moment of time.
Integrating these technologies in one component requires some standards, policies, and management tools so that business process can be automated. One of the media company Netflix has used this technology. When any user access TV show from the Netflix cloud they are asked to login with their Facebook account and asked to rate the show. The rating given by the user is stored in the cloud and it can be reviewed by Netflix and as per the rating they can improve themselves accordingly.

Need for SMAC Technology

Business requirements are changing on day to day basis. IT industries are witnessing many innovations in the services provided to the users or customers. All the four components of this technology have their own importance individually; consider when all integrated into one it will become more viable and potential enough and will minimize the organization costs. Now day’s organizations are trying to deploy the SMAC technology in their business areas. Many of them are trying to shift their whole business to SMAC platforms to have the advantage in their budgets and current state of business.

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